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Melting point

826° Celsius

Specific weight

5.13 g/cm3

Abundance of Element



silvery white

Atomic number


Boiling point

1527° Celsius

Purities available

Europium oxide 99%

Forms available



0.5 kg - 5 kg Pe-bottles
small quantities on request

Buying Europium

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Europium: Use

Europium is used as neutron absorber in nuclear reactors. The oxide is used as a phosphor activator and europium-activated yttrium vanadate is used as the red phosphor in colour TV tubes and energy-saving lamps, thus providing a warm light component.


Europium: History and occurrence

Although europium is one of the most frequent rare earth elements its extraction was extremely difficult until the late 19th century. At that time William Crookes investigated the phosphorizing spectral lines of the rare earths and ascertained those which were later associated with europium. Europium in its pure form was first discovered by Paul Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran in 1890. However, the official discovery is credited to the French chemist Eugène-Anatole Demarcay, who suspected that samples of the element samarium found a short time before were contaminated with an unknown further element. In 1901 he managed to isolate this element and named it europium.

For 2009 the USGS estimated a global output of rare earths of about 124000 tons.