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In Foil

In Sheet

Indium Foil 99.99%

Indium Sheet

Melting Point

156.6° Celsius


Specific Weight





silvery-white shiny

Mohs Hardness (typical)


Thermal Conductivity

81.6 W/ (m x K)

Boiling Point

2080° Celsius


Due to its purity of 99.99+% our indium wire is RoHS and Reach compliant.

Available Diameters

Available Diameters

In our warehouse in Bonn Haines & Masssen stock

always indium foil and indium sheet of various sizes. The usual available thiknesses are:

0.05 mm

0.1 mm



0.2 mm

0.5 mm

1.0 mm

We usually have pre-cut foils / sheets of 100x100 mm and 250x250mm on stock.

Other sizes and/or material thicknesses can of course be produced on request. If you need mini foils for your purposes (lateral lengh of only a few mm or cm) these can be supplied by us cut to size. Your Indium seals can be produced to your needs including washers or foils with holes.

Our indium foils are always supplied with a lot-specific certificate of analysis of the metallic impurities.


We supply indium foils with a purity of 99,99+%, thus offering the best compromise between low impurities and an adequate hardness for rolling and even thickness. This purity is also less sensitive to a “pushing through” than ultra-pure qualities.


In order to ensure that you will receive our indium foil / indium sheet in a perfect condition they are sealed under vacuum in a special packing, thus avoiding mechanical and chemical impairments of the quality. For an easier taking out our mini foils (see above photo) are arrayed on a carrier and thermo foiled safely positioned.


Buying Indium

If you would like to buy indium foil (sheet) or find out our current indium foil price please click here for our contact information. We would also appreciate your call at +49 228 946510.



Indium Foils: Special Properties and Uses

Indium foil features a high ductility – under low pressure it adapts even to smallest irregularities of the ground. This and its low tendency to embrittle (also at extremely low temperatures) makes indium a favoured sealing compound. Materials which extend and contract differently (for instance copper and glass) can be bonded to indium thanks to its ductility.

Indium has got a good electric and thermal conductivity. That and its adaptability to uneven grounds due to its ductability makes it an ideal transmitting medium in difficult surroundings. It adapts to uneven grounds (for instance laser crystals) providing a larger contact area which increases the heat transfer considerably in comparison to other less ductile metals.

Indium tends to a cold fusing. Oxide-free foils put on top of each other will fuse after a while.

Its ductility provides an easy (for instance cutter) and exact cutting of the indium foils by the user.

The low melting point of indium foils allows also the use for instance in the soldering range of temperature-sensitive applications (like indium wire).