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Melting point

920° Celsius lanthan

Specific weight

6.17 g/cm3

Abundance of element



silvery white

Atomic number


Boiling point

3470° Celsius

Purities available

La2O3 99%

Forms available



0.5 kg - 50 kg units
1000 kg big bags

Buying Lanthanum

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Lanthanum: Use

Lanthanum oxide is used for the production of glass with a high refractive index as for example in cameras, telescope lenses or spectacles. In the production of crystal glass or porcelain glaze it contributes to the dishwasher safety by increasing the resistance of the chemical bonds considerably. In form of lanthanum carbonate it is used in various medicinal products for the reduction of high phosphate levels.


Lanthanum: History and occurrence

Lanthanum was discovered by the Swedish chemist and surgeon Carl Gustav Mosander in 1839. From an allegedly pure cerium nitrate he extracted lanthanum sulfate by fractional crystallisation. Lanthanum in a pure form was first isolated in 1923.

Although lanthanum belongs to the so-called rare earths it is anything but rare. It mainly occurs in monazite and bastnasite from which it is primarily extracted. Both minerals contain 25 – 39% of lanthanum.

For 2009 the USGS estimated a global output of rare earths of about 124000 tons.