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Melting point

221° Celsius Selen

Specific weight

4.19 g/cm3

Abundance of element



red / black / grey

Atomic number


Boiling point

684.9° +/- 1.0° Celsius

Purities available

Selenium 99.5%,
Selenium 99.9%,
Selenium 99.99%,
Selenium 99.999%

Forms available

Powder of various grain sizes, granules, pieces
foil, sheet, plate
special forms on request


50/100 kg drums
small quantities on request

Buying selenium

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Selenium: Use

Selenium is essential for all forms of life. Therefore selenium compounds are offered as dietary supplement and as an additive in animal feedstuff and fertilisers. In the glass industry it is used for the decolouring of green glass and for the production of red coloured glass. It is also used for example in the photo conductor units of photocopying machines and laser printers and also, together with copper and indium, as component of the photoactive layer in solar cells.


Selenium: History and occurrence

Selenium was discovered in 1817 by Jöns Jakob Berzelius in the lead chamber sludge of a sulphuric acid factory, which besides selenium contained also tellurium. Selenium occurs, mostly in form of metal selenides, together with the sulfurous ores of the metals copper, lead, zinc, gold and iron. When roasting these ores the solid senenium dioxide accumulates in the flue dust or as selenous acid in the subsequent sulfuric acid production.