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Thanks to the experience and contacts made in over 50 years of trading in metals Haines & Maassen are well able to respond to the individual needs of their customers. Concentration on the specialities of the market makes it possible to provide high quality service and rapid and reliable handling of orders. The company trades in minor metals as well as a wide range of copper master alloys.

haines und maassen lagerhalle

We are located in Germany but we trade worldwide!

Member of Verband Deutscher Metallhändler.


  • hugo haines The company was founded in Cologne, Germany, in 1948 by Hugo Haines under the name "Metallagentur Hugo Haines". Hugo Haines laid the foundations for further expansion by taking over representation of the international metal company ASARCO. Further agencies followed, the most important ones being the copper producer Mount Isa Mines Ltd., Australia, and the lead producer Britannia Refined Metals Ltd., England.
  • hartwig m. maassen On January 1st 1973 tho one-man business became a general partnership with Hartwig Maassen as a partner. Five years later Hartwig Maassen took over Hugo Haines´ share in the business which then traded under the name "Haines & Maassen, Proprietor H. Maassen". Maassen
  • In the late seventies Haines & Maassen extended their activities to include private trade in minor and special metals. From January 1st 1997 the company was transformed into a private limited company and the management was extended to include the new generation, Hartwig Maassen Jr. and Gunther Maassen.
  • In 2004 Haines & Maassen moved into their new office with an extended storage facility. This additional capacity made it possible to provide a larger variety of semi-finished products and to extend our range of low-melting alloys and tungsten heavy metals.