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Tungsten high density alloys (WHD)

Haines & Maassen offers tungsten high density alloys with different alloy surcharges. These tungsten alloys are characterized by an high density, which is close to this of pure tungsten. Their advantage lies in a much better workability.

Next to its obvious use as a balance weight, the ability to absorb x- and gamma radiation makes it a usefull alloy in many technical application. High density tungsten alloys are described in the ASTM B 777 norm.

Possible apliccations

In comparison to pure tungsten, WHD parts are much easier and cheaper to produce. It is possible to produce in much smaller and delicate dimensions.

Properties Tungsten/Nickel/Iron Tungsten/Nickel/Copper
Electrical conductivity lower higher
Thermal conductivity high higher
Magnetic properties slightly magnetic not magnetic
Hardness little softer little harder
Tensile strength higher lower
Density between 17 and 18,5gr/cm³ between 17 and 18,5gr/cm³
Thermal Expansion low low

We supply tungsten-high-density-alloys with a specific weight of 17g/cm³ to 18,5 g/cm³.

Forms of delivery

We have Rods of WHD18 (WNiFE and WNiCu) on stock in diameters from 5-50mm. On request wie also offer other forms of delivery in various alloy compositions with different densites.

If you need special geometries, please contact us. We realise custom made designs as per drawing.

Buyers information - WHD-alloys and prices

If you are interestet in our tungsten-high-density-alloys, feel free to contact us.