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Zirconium foils, sheets and plates

Zirconium and zirconium alloys

  • Zr 702

    Zirconium shows high resistance to corrosion. At room temperature it builds an oxide layer which protects the metal from most acidic and alkaline environments.

    The most important physical property of zirconium metal is arguably its low neutron-capture cross-section which is widely used in nuclear applications.

    Zirconium sheets and foils are easy to form.

  • ZrNb alloys

    Compared to the pure metal, zirconium alloys with niob content from 1-3% show higher mechanical strengths. One common alloy of this type is specified under Zr 705 with a Nb content of about 2.5%

    Cf. tensile strength: Zr 702 ~ 450MPa | Zr 705 ~ 600Mpa


  • Zr 702

    The guaranteed maximum impurities of our molybdenum sheets are determined by ASTM-Norm B708

    Impurities Guaranteed max. value / % Typical max. value / %
    Hf 4.5 3
    Fe + Cr 0.2 0.06
    H 0.005 0.002
    N 0.025 0.015
    C 0.05 0.005
    O 0.16 0.08

Production and heat treatment

  • Rolling

    Zirconium foils and thin sheets usually are cold rolled. Thicker sheets are hot rolled, whereby temperatures above 500°C should be avoided and oxide layers removed at intervals as necessary.

  • Annealing

    Our zirconium sheets and foils are normally are not annealed. If you need your products in annealed condition, please let us know.