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Periodensystem der Sondermetalle Thiemo Maassen Auswahlbox - durch Haines und Maassen lieferbare Metalle und Firmenschriftzug 2016 - 12 SVG image/svg+xml de Haines und Maassen Metallhandelsgesellschaft mbh Lithium 3 Li Sodium 11 Na Titanium 22 Ti Vanadium 23 V Manganese 25 Mn Gallium 31 Ga Germanium 32 Ge Arsenic 33 As Selenium 32 Se Rubidium 37 Rb Yttrium 39 Y Zirconium 40 Zr Niobium 41 Nb Molybdenum 42 Mo Cadmium 48 Cd Indium 49 In Antimony 51 Sb Tellurium 49 Te Hafnium 72 Hf Tantalum 73 Ta Tungsten 74 W Rhenium 75 Re Bismuth 83 Bi Lanthanum 57 La Cerium 58 Ce Neodym 60 Nd Samarium 62 Sm Europium 63 Eu

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Welcome at Haines & Maassen. Thanks to over 70 years' experience in trading in metals and the contacts built up in over half a century in the business, we are well able to respond to the individual needs of their customers. Concentration on the specialities of the market makes it possible to provide high quality service and rapid and reliable handling of orders. The company trades in minor metals as well as a wide range of low melting alloys and semi finished products.